With over 25 years experience in education services we are in the position to promote the use of cameras as an innovative and creative tool in and out of the classroom.

We are able to promote the use of drones, 360 cameras, action cameras and Vr headsets to create interactive resources for learning and teaching.

Drone and camera technology has reached a point of reliability and affordability to open up a new world of possibilities for digital learning.

This is especially true in the following areas:

  • construction

  • farming

  • animal care

  • horticulture 

  • marketing & tourism

  • sports

  • design

We can help educate on the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) regulations for the use of drones and how educational establishments can benefit from them as a learning tool. 

We have work with both staff and students demonstrating practical uses for the following equipment:

  • drones

  • thermal imaging camera

  • action camera

  • 360 camera

  • Vr headsets

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